COVID 19 Safety Measures

At Rendezvous Moving Company our top priority is customer satisfaction and that means more than just simplifying your moving experience. COVID 19 safety has become a critical part of doing business. We all know relocating can be a stressful time and the current pandemic has only intensified that feeling for many people. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to help relieve those fears and keep your family, and our movers, safe and healthy.

We are still moving!

Many non-essential businesses have shut their doors or limited hours. Moving companies are considered an essential service and will remain open to serve the community. We have not cancelled any upcoming moves to date and are still accepting new clients daily. You can reach us during normal business hours to schedule your upcoming move!

Let's stay safe together

While the public health situation remains uncertain, we are doing everything necessary to keep our customers and employees safe. We adhere to all state and federal guidelines to help reduce the chance of contamination including social distancing between customers and employees as much as possible as well as sanitizing our trucks and equipment between each move. Customers can help by maintaining a safe distance from our staff while your move is underway. You can also ensure that all boxes and packages are completely sealed in advance of your scheduled move. You can learn more about Michigan public guidance HERE or by visiting

covid safe moving service

What to do if you have been exposed

Please contact us immediately to postpone and reschedule your move if you believe you or someone in your household has been exposed to COVID-19. Follow testing or safe quarantine period guidelines to reduce the chances of spreading the virus. We will work with you any way we can to help accommodate your move through these uncertain times. We care about our customers and our staff, and we will make it through this together!

Have more questions about COVID 19 safety?

If you have more questions about our COVID-19 safety measures call today or contact us here or on social media for details.