Any kind of moving box

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We can take any type of moving box, except wet ones. We can even make sure your Special Tv Microwave Computer gets there in 1 piece… or 4 pieces? We still aren’t really sure.

Moving boxes everywhere!

You can find a Moving box for sale anywhere. Not all boxes are created equally however! You can tell the quality of your moving box just by looking at it.
Is it single or double walled corrugate? Simply look at the flap edge to find out.
Does it have a sufficient weight and burst capacity? These specs are usually stamped on the bottom flaps.
How do you know if you’re using the right boxes? Generally speaking, moving boxes are not as durable as shipping boxes. That’s because humans handle your move and don’t toss your packed belongings on and off trucks and conveyor belts as they do in shipping facilities. That means you can usually get away with lower cost moving boxes for non fragile items. Your breakable items may need a little extra protection to arrive safely.

Eco-friendly moving

What do you do with all those cardboard boxes after you move? You can recycle them, use them for crafts with the kids, or keep them packed away in the attic for later use. We always recommend finding a way to re-purpose your boxes rather than tossing them to the curb. If you’ve got a little extra to spend on your move consider investing in reusable totes. They’re great for storing holiday decorations and other odds and ends, and they last a long time!

If you’re looking for a little extra muscle with your next move reach out to us today and see how Rendezvous Moving can help! We have all the expert advice you need to make sure your items are secured before your move. If you’d like more tips for packing your items you can read more here.

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