Fragile Items


We specialize in packing and moving fragile items! We have moved all sorts of things and ensure they arrive safely. There’s no need to worry about your glass, artwork, or other delicate items. We take the utmost care of your most precious cargo. After handling such a wide variety of we’ve learned a trick or two that customers can use to help us keep your things safe!

Pack similar items together

One of the more common mistakes people make is tossing everything from one room into the same box. The first thing to consider is the weight of the items you’re packing. Books and other heavy non breakable items should be packed together in medium sized boxes. Try not to pack heavy items into large boxes whenever possible as this can make for extremely heavy boxes. Fragile items like dishes or fine china should be secured with bubble wrap or foam sheets.

Always fill your boxes

Leaving empty space in a box allows the contents to shift in transit. This can cause items to bang together or shift enough to knock the box over, damaging other items and boxes. When a half full box fulls over it tends to burst open and spill the contents. When you have a half full box and nothing left to pack in it you can use things like loose clothing or towels, newspaper or craft paper, or extra bubble wrap.

Fragile items deserve extra packing materials

We know packing materials can be expensive, but it’s worth it! Fragile items are more likely to be damaged when packed directly against the interior of a moving box. By simply adding one inch of packaging material on all sides of the box your fragile items are far less likely to sustain damage in transit. If packing materials aren’t available you can use household linens to wrap framed pictures, lamps, dishes, vases and more.

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