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We all know moving can be a daunting task with all you have to do in such a short time. At Rendezvous Moving Company we’re always looking for ways to provide the most value possible to our customers. It’s no secret that hiring a moving company can ease some of burden…
But how can you make sure you are getting the most value from your moving company? We’ve put together a few ideas to help make your move hassle free for you and your family as well as the movers that come to help on moving day!

Clean up and clean out before you start packing

Everyone collects something, some more than others. Over time we find our closets, attics and crawl spaces packed full of things we have probably forgotten we even had. Take some time before you start packing to narrow down what you want to bring with you and what can be disposed of. You don’t have to throw out all that old stuff… Consider giving some of it to friends and family, having a garage sale or donating to charity. By sorting out the stuff you don’t need to bring with you beforehand you will have less to pack and keep track of. It can also help you get things organized and inventoried in the process. Moving less means paying less, and that’s something we can all appreciate!

Be sure to label boxes by room and contents

Our movers are great at packing, loading, and unloading quickly and efficiently. Guessing whats inside an unlabeled box is one thing we aren’t great at. Making sure to properly label your boxes while you pack will ensure your movers can get them to the right place in your new home quickly. Having everything right where it belongs when you need it can have a huge impact on your moving experience. It leaves you more time to set up your new place instead of hunting for things you need. The quicker you can get everything set up, the quicker it feels like home.

Have a plan in place before moving day

Some folks are naturally very organized when it comes to making lists, marking calendars and multitasking. Proper planning can turn an overwhelming move into an enjoyable experience. Start by setting aside the items you want to move yourself and items that can’t be moved by a moving company. Having those things out of the way will allow your movers to focus on the items they will be handling.  Allow your movers to get things placed where they belong right away by having a plan ready for your new place. Sure, you could have everything set in the middle of the room and arrange it yourself… But why bother? Take advantage of that extra muscle to get things setup how you want them. Then you can spend more time enjoying your new home.

There’s so much to do when you move but Rendezvous Moving Company is just a phone call away with the help you need to make your move enjoyable and hassle free. We are dependable and affordable, and our biggest goal is to offer you the best value for your moving budget. We’re insured so you can trust us with your belongings but the best compliment you can offer is your recommendation. It shows that you trust us with your friends and family, and we won’t let you down!

Contact Us today for a free estimate, you’ll be glad you did!

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