Moving Season is coming, Beat the rush!

moving season is here

Getting a jump start on your next move will put you ahead of the pack. Every spring kicks off the moving season and business picks up. Most high-quality moving companies will be booked up quickly. This means you may face competition when looking for a good mover that can accommodate your desired moving date. If you’re planning a move in the spring, there’s a few ways to stay on top of the game and secure your moving day in advance of the crowd.

Clean up, clean out

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to wait for spring to arrive. Getting a head start will put you in a better position to pack quickly and efficiently when moving day draws near. It’s a great time to go through the attic or basement and get rid of some of those old boxes you haven’t touched in years. Having a clean clutter free place will also put you in a better position to sell quickly if you are listing your current home for sale. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the stress relief that comes from having clean, organized surroundings. 

Look for necessary updates and repairs

Whether you rent or own your current place, there will likely be some post-winter maintenance necessary. For renters, look around for minor repairs that will ensure you get your security deposit back. You can request your landlord take a walk through with you to point out potential items that could affect your deposit. Some landlords even offer a move out check list. For home owners looking to sell, you will want to make sure there are no major repairs that will force you to lower your selling price. The more you can get out of the way, the better off you’ll be when moving season arrives.

Pre-pack and declutter

Look for items you don’t use very often, or decorative things that can be packed away in advance. Great examples are guest room items, second- and third-bathroom items and decor, and hanging pictures. The less you must pack as moving day approaches the better. It’s important to put some consideration into what gets put away. After all, you don’t want to be searching through boxes for something you packed before you’ve moved!

 Create open space

Storing items you don’t often use is a good start… but don’t stop there. Look at your furniture arrangement and consider ways to create more open space. Large open spaces make for a better presentation when selling a house. Furthermore, giving your movers wide paths and space to move things around will help ensure a fast and safe moving experience. On top of all that, it’s easier to maintain cleanliness and peace of mind when clutter is minimized. A little Feng Shui can go a long way.

Get in touch today

Locating a moving company well in advance of moving season can ensure your desired booking date is available. Reserving a time with your movers can put your mind at ease and give you a target date to start planning the many other aspects of your move ahead of time. A well planned move with the right team of professional movers behind you is a recipe for success. Contact us today to get a free quote and book your moving day.

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