Staging your house to sell

staging your house

Spring is here and lots of houses are hitting the market. Staging your house to make it stand out from similar houses in your neighborhood. Staging your house for sale can help you sell quicker, and possibly bring in higher offers than an un-staged home. It sounds great, but what about all your stuff? A professional mover can help with that!

Staging your house starts with cleaning up

Living in a house for a long time usually results in hanging on to a lot of stuff. Therefore, you should start by de-cluttering your home and get rid of any items that won’t be moving with you. It’s a great time to clear out closets, basements, attics, etc. and dispose of anything you don’t need or use on a regular basis. Leaving these sections of the house open and clean is just as important as the main areas of the house. You want people to see every inch of the place clean and clutter free.

Store unnecessary contents

The next step is separating items you will keep for decorating the home. Then, remove things you will store while the house is showing. It’s best to rent a storage unit and keep all your extra stuff off site and out of sight from potential buyers. Even though you aren’t ready to relocate, hiring a professional moving company at this point can be extremely beneficial for a few reasons. Prepping large items for storage can be a breeze when handled by professionals. We have all the right tools and equipment to simplify the process of relocating everything into storage and then to your new place once you sell. Freeing yourself from the labors of packing and moving will give you more time to focus on properly staging your house. Getting a quote early on can also help budget for the remaining expenses associated with your move.

Of course, there are many more benefits to hiring a professional mover. If you have any questions you can always contact us before you decide. Once you’re ready to get started just give us a call for a free quote and see how easy moving can be.

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